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please give me money...

meandmyman started this conversation

Hi. Well I got screwed over by my school. no money, We still need $3500 by this friday, I can't get any loans, grants, scholarships or anything in time. I put aside all of my studies for this, I have finals coming up that I haven't studied for. And my baby is so stressed out, hasn't slept in days and I can't find the money for him and just be like here babe I got the money you don't have to worry about money anymore. If only a celeb or millionare would read this..but w/e I'm just going to keep looking online for free money which doesn't exist. It's not fair that students should have to be able to pay these ridiculous amounts of money with OBVIOUSLY no credit! we're fucking students why would we have credit!? and no jobs cause we were focused on our classes but now we fucking can't cause we're trying to stay in college, money should not be the issue! it should be classes! and they are no problem. I hate everything.

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SisterServant   in reply to poocher60
Thank you poocher, but I am not here because of any personal problems. I am doing fine. I am not rich, but I have plenty of what I need (according to God's richest blessings. It was not always the case. After I learned to truly God, my circumstances changed for the better. I have an enjoyable life. )

I found this website by "accident" (in Novermber, 2013) because God wants me to share what I have learned about my relationship with Him. If you read through the prayers on my public page that I have written for others, you will understand my comments. Many persons write back to tell me that God answers their prayers. If you want me to write you a specific prayer, let me know.

God will meet your financial needs if you believe, trust, give thanks and ask. One key is give thanks EVERYDAY for whatever you do have before you ask.
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poocher60   in reply to SisterServant
hope things r better 4 u. sorry I just joined
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SisterServant   in reply to poocher60
That request was made 8 years ago (in 2007).
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do not beg for money philanthropists do not like it. tell your man to get a job. n plz b respectful on this site so not to ruin it for other people who truly have needs.
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I don't have a sob story, sadly not even a unique situation.

I am a single mother of two. My eldest will enter his sophomore year in college and my daughter her senior year in high school.

I am overwhelmed with debt and as the song says, don't push me cause I'm close the edge.I'm about to loose my head!

Despite full-time employment, we have had no groceries in the house for over 1 year. We just happen to visit others at dinner time or if I get a business lunch, I make sure to order big so I can bring food home.

I just need a fresh start - ZERO out and begin again.

My children don't know the meaning of home. Always a renter, we have already moved at least 8-10 times over their life. Ironically, I would pay significantly less as a homeowner for a mortgage than as a renter but because of credit, debt to income ratio, I'm at the mercy of landlords that want to collect my money but provide no service.

At any rate, I cannot say I deserve better or that I deserve another chance, because in all honesty,"deserve"is a very dangerous word. If I got what I deserve, things could be even worse.
Salex   in reply to jusadams
hi, I and my faince need home to get married. Please send us money for thorough repairs
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jarbo   in reply to jusadams
I am happy too, I found this site. I have been searching and searching to find a way to get CDL training at a school. Unfortunatly Financial aid will not cover it all at Southside Virginia Community College. The company's that offer the contract training is a rip off that pays you half the money you are worth, they advertise it as paid cdl training when it's you only receiving half the mileage for 2 years, if you break your contract then you have to pay all the money owed for training plus intrest, and then no one wants to hire you for breaking a contract. I have tried career centers and social service help and they will no longer fund for these programs, to help cover the rest of the cost. It just seems rediculous that thses class fees are stopping alot of students being able to pursue their dreams and goals. Maybe someone can help????
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This money situation has me so depressed and just feeling like crap, I have 4 kids and they are fed but it's so tight I feel like I can't breath. It would be nice to smile genuinely about something again.
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 in response to mr mr...   You dont know how it feels like!!!! Just STFU and dont insult us!
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There are so many peoples that are poor. in stress and sraining. worried.ashame. crying out. losing their homes . cars has no food. no clothes look over in africa . india. no food are clothes and no place to get any . i bet you have a roof over your head shoes on your feet. water to drink and food to eat and some change in your pocket. don't get me wrong you miht be in like needs to pay your rent and what ever else. but you are not in a wroth shape as so many that i named above think about' you crying like a baby you has every one but theone who ows iot all that opens doors to the way and that are Godor Jesus. you probly don't even pray or. go to church. don't you know that God knows your ever trouble. and can fix it all. you haven't ask him. so pray and ask God he'll answere you and read your bible in the new covenat you'll see what i'm talking about.
God bless you'
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Dear Sir,

I'm a Bangladeshi poor citizen, I am straggle in poverty and a destitute people I have family with large member but I have no house, I stay in dhaka city but it is very difficult to stay in dhaka in normal life I need to purchase a piece of land and construction house building and rehabilitation shelter it's a challenging life but we could not stay in proper for my poverty, I have wife, children, brothers and sisters and large family all are staying very poor life and so bad situation we no proper earning source, I applying you rich people and organization to help and contribute us as help, donations, aid and grants to me for build my house to stay in dhaka as human living life to my Account, Account holder Md. Firoz Alam Patwary, Account number: 6696, Rupali Bank, Pallabi Branch, Mirpur-11, Main Road, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh. Mailing Address: Section:6, Block-A, Road#2, House#37(3rd floor), Mirpur,Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh. Cell: 88-01714446573, Please transfer money any suitable rich person or organization from your charity, Zakat or donation fund for individuals donations as grants and aid to my account and if you need to contact me. Thanking you sir. If you fund me pls fund bank transfer expenses paid by you. Pls send me a bank payment order or bank draft mention my name Md. Firoz Alam Patwary and bank account number to my above mailing address by courier DHL or Fedex.

Thanking you,

Best regards,

Md. Firoz Alam Patwary
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 in response to Inspiration...   You are welcome and I feel the same way you do and our country has yet to see the worse. Suze Orman said we are in this till 2016 then things will have started to change for the better. So we really need to help each other with whatever we can give. Let us hope things get better before then. hugs and you are appreciated..
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 in response to Starshine...   Thank you. I am a very tender hearted person who deeply cares about the feelings others , but I become outraged when I see others being mistreated or talked to unjustly. Our Country has fallen on hard times, and I have a feeling that our economy will probably get worse before it gets any better. That's when the high and mighty will be begging for help.
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 in response to Inspiration...   I couldn't have said it better. Some people think it is so easy for everyone to find work and be like they are. They need to visit nursing homes, homeless shelters and other places to learn that people aren't the same as the one who has it better and we shouldn't judge others.
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 in response to mr mr...   I wouldn’t wish hard times on anyone, but people who wrongfully prejudge others like you have done may end up falling on hard times as well. Most people who share their stories on Aidpage are descent, hardworking individuals who have had bad things happen to them that is NO fault of their own. That doesn’t mean they are lazy! We all need help at some point in our lives, and you may be finding yourself in the same predicament someday.
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 in response to mr mr...   It might happen to you one day buddy..
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 in response to mr mr...   Think you are immune? ha ha ha
Guess again...
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Ben Hartman

I wish to become famous. I play guitar. I am good looking with a shaved head and I am a young adult. I have a wonderful positive personality and have no job but go to college pursuing video game design. I owe money to collections at 19 years old. I have moved eleven times since I was born. My parents got divorced, which took 6 years. My mom lied to me about my dad and told me horrible stories about him so that I would stop seeing him. She kicked my little brother and me out of her house and told us we had to move in with him even though I hadn't spoken to him in 2 years.I re-established a relationship with my father. Then my mom let us move back in with her. My dad and mother had to spend all our riches on lawyer fees until they were broke. They still blame each other while I, still to this day, am put in the middle of things. Anyway my mom moved us around Tacoma in 5 different houses. Finally we settled in a nice clean neighborhood with old style houses. I adjusted to living in a middle-class neighborhood; however, just as I thought we were finally settled after living in our house for two years, my mom decided to move to ghetto apartments because her psychotic baby murdering boyfriend cannot afford the rent. My mom met her boyfriend in Seattle, and he moved in one night. He kept sacrificial journals and documents underneath her bed including his 3 fake ID's and much other disturbing items. He was banned from stepping foot in an airport. My mom kicked him out around 12 times in the past 3 years. We moved 3 times throughout this situation. The house we are living in together now will no longer be ours. The rent raised because they tore the carpets out and painted the floors white so the Landlord raised the cost of rent and here I stand with my brother. We are the only two who are sane around here. We are sane and we includes my 2 brothers and 1 sister. My parents divorce ended nasty. My dad broke his neck, my moms lawyer died, and now my mom's mom broke her neck after lying in court saying that my dad's broken neck was not broken. I cannot afford the cost of putting my teenage childhood video tapes onto a DVD to transfer them onto They are amazing hilarious videos which document the silly lives of my entire family. The parental separation was not only rough, but was also well known by many living in Washington. The fact of the matter is the people here do not know the entire truth behind the stories. I am living it rough as well. All I can do is remain under pressure and stress, and decide to make excellent choices, live a healthy lifestyle, and happily move forward. I live off of pure luck, or God has decided to grant me good fortune for when I say a meaningful prayer, he answers them. All I have left in my life is a 4runner, a guitar, a television, a playstation, a bed, and faith that the Lord will answer my questions soon enough. I look forward to graduation in 2013 at International Academy of Design and Technology. I am pursuing video game design. I love playing guitar, and have played for 11 years. I began writing my own symphonies on guitar when I turned 14 years old. I have never lost interest ever since. I still feel disgusted realizing that I have gotten nowhere in life so far. I also must remember, things will always get better no matter what the circumstances. It is how our world functions. I wish to become famous.
Thank you and sorry for handing you a burden those of you who read this. Have an excellent week!
If anybody is interested, I have recorded a few wonderful songs onto my album and I will email them to you as long as you spread the word. I spend tons of time on my music and continue to write fantastic songs on guitar! Thank you again!

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walking slow

hello there folks! i need your help with paying a $680 reinstatement fee for my drivers license,i'm out of work due to the accident my back and neck are wacked out from that,and i have some other bills that seems to be following me everyday,if any kind humanbeing would so much to bend backwards to help that would be so great!!!thank you all for being so wonderful!

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A Nonny Mouse

I would hate to be in that situation... sorry you had to be .

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